How to Write Construction Proposal Template and It's Importance in the Industry

In the Construction Industry to start up the project, a Construction Proposal Template is used. If you are a budding architect or a civil Engineer, one must know the standard way of scripting the Construction Proposal. This article will help you to understand the basic points while you are creating a perfect construction proposal.

Defining Construction Proposal In simplest Terms

A construction Proposal is a brief and formal communication to the client or clients about the technical specification covered in the construction project and also highlighting the financial budget and the process which needs to be developed while initiating the building project.

Sometimes revamping the office or remodeling the interiors of your house needs just one-page proposals which can be available from local vendors or local hardware stores. In order to make the communication very clear and crisp with the client, the following points must be incorporated in the Construction Proposal Template.

Drafting the Construction Proposal Template

A construction proposal template is nothing but a legal binding signed by both the parties. The structural format of the Construction Proposal should consist of the following points:

  • The Location of the Work
  • Detailed Description of the work or as we term it Scope of Work.
  • Payment Schedule
  • Cost of Work
  • Authorization of work
  • The Signatures of both the parties
  • Acceptance of Proposal

In the figure Below a small sample is given

Awesome Construction

100 Main St.

Anytown, USA



Proposal Submitted to
Company Name
Street Address
City, State,


Home Phone
Job Name



Work/Cell Phone

Job Location



We hereby submit an estimate for the following work:



We propose to furnish labor and materials, in accordance with the above specifications for the sum of: $____________________ (_________________________Dollars)

Payments shall be made as follows:______________________________________________________


______________________________________________ Contractor’s Signature


Acceptance of Proposal: The above price, specifications, and conditions are satisfactory and are hereby accepted. You are authorized to do the work as specified. Payment shall be made as described above.

____________________________________________ __________________________

Owner’s Signature of Acceptance Date

In this type of proposal the main emphasis is given in the scope of work, the detailed elucidation of the scope of work is crafted with utmost diligence. The list of materials will be given with all specifications, the different models and its colors must be given.

A competent engineer will always describe specifically what work his team will be providing and if there is any ambiguity, he will cast out the work that is specifically excluded. In larger building projects the scope of work is demonstrated by construction drawings and written specifications.

This Construction Industry is all about creating and nurturing relationships. The Construction proposal Template is a very powerful sales tool to create an impact on the minds of the clients. If you are a general contractor you will try to create a relationship with the building owner, if you are a sub contractor you have to generate relationship with building contractors. The common factor between a general contractor and a sub contractor is that both of them must create a flawless construction proposal.

Let have a brief look on Construction proposal Template. In this construction industry there are mainly two types of Construction Proposal each written with its own purpose and format.

Marketing Proposal

Marketing proposals are those proposals that are sent to potential clients to form and persuade them to include in your organization in their bid list. The main purpose in here is to impress, build trust and prove that your organization is the one who will fulfill all the customer needs.

Bids Proposal

Proposals relating to project are known as bid proposal. The main purpose of this proposal is to compete with other competitors and prove that your organization is the best in this kind of specific project..

Key Elements

For a construction Marketing proposal one needs to understand and input the following points

Service Section

In this particular section one clearly states that what services they are offering and the different states that the organization is licensed in.

Persuasion Page

This is the page where you clearly define your vision of the organization and outline what sets you apart from the competition. A great construction proposal example here includes factual statements such as:

One of our clients increased their project profit margin by 5% in the first 6 months of working with us.

Project Portfolio

To draft a flawless project portfolio select those projects that are relevant to the work and representation of skills in that area.

Client Testimonials

In this section don't include every testimonials you have ever received from your clients, reveal only those which represents the kind of work or service that your organization does. You must also emphasize your skills and expertise in your field, that has enhance the client relationship Management.

Awards and Accolades:

Display the awards which you have got for the excellence service you have portrayed to your clienteles.

Insurance and Bond information

To reduce risks in the project site, bonds and insurances are introduced to contractors. Clients are attracted to contractors who are using bonds and Insurance , because they see a layer of protection. In case of accidents , floods ,natural calamities and things beyond control , insurance plays an important role to protect the contractor against the above mentioned situation.

Business Contact Information

To make more client centric approach, the business contact information must be revealed.

Bid Construction Proposal Template

To write bidding Construction proposal one needs to incorporate the following points.

To gain more construction projects , bids proposal play a pivotal role in construction bids. A construction bid must always be timely accurate and clear and creating customer satisfaction , loyalty and value. Mentioned below are the elements of good bidding construction proposal.

  • Excellent Visual Display or Design
  • Specification of Parties
  • Cost and Terms of payments
  • Scope of Projects
  • Relevant Authorities


Construction Proposal templates are drafted based on the requirements of the project, budget, available resources, etc.Owners, architects, design engineers, contractors are required to deal with repeated project risks which are common to all.

To reduce theses type of risks , construction proposals are crafted with special templates which acts as a roadmap, to avoid and resolve most of the issues which may arise from both the parties.

Using construction proposal templates for projects which are really helpful as consistency strengthen your brand' , and incorporating info graphic, flowchart, or photos that demonstrate your expertise relevant to that specific project and win the work.

How to Write Construction Proposal Template and It's Importance in the Industry.