Download excel sheet for RCC Dog-legged Staircase

Staircase arrangement: A stair is a series of steps directing from one storey to another. It’s offered to provide the way of going up and coming back connecting several storeys of the structure. The structure’s room or area, in which the stair is positioned, is called a staircase.

RCC Dog-legged Staircase design

In this type of staircase, the succeeding flights rise in opposite directions. The two flights in the plan are not separated by a well. A landing is provided corresponding to the level at which the direction of the flight changes.

Procedure for RCC Dog-legged Staircase design

1.Stairs spanning horizontally


Dead load of a step = ½ x T x R x 25
A dead load of waist slab = b x t x 25
Live load = LL (KN/m2)
Floor finish = assume 0.5 KN/m

Stairs spanning vertically


Self weight of a step = 1 x R/2 x 25
Self weight of waist slab = 1 x t x 25
Self weight of plan = 1 x t x 25[(R2 + T2)/T]
Live load = LL (KN/m2)
Floor finish = assume 0.5 KN/m

Stairs and their sorts:-

Circular stairs, Dog legged stairs, Spiral stairs, Open wall stairs, Single flight straight stairs, Double flight straight stairs, Bifurcated stairs, and Stairs of various components.

Stone stairs:

They’re greatly utilized at locations wherein ashlar stone is easily obtainable. They’re very persistent and firm. Stone utilized for stairs creation must be persistent, firm, and tough to break.

The basic sort of stone stairs is the ones assisted on the two ends, although an open well staircase can also be constructed.

Timber stairs:

The stairs are slight in mass and simple to make. They’re utilized for slightly increase residential structures. At times, fire opposing hardwood of appropriate breadth could be utilized.

Brick stairs:

They comprise solid walls, or furthermore, cambered (arched) entrances could be around for having safekeeping.


These stairs are commonly utilized for industrial, community, and residential structures. They’re persistent and durable. These are generally cast in place and an ample range of refinements can be utilized on these.

Metal stairs:

Cast iron or mild steel stairs are utilized as urgency stairs. They’re robust. They’re generally utilized in workshops, warehouses, factories, etc.

Download excel sheet for RCC Dog-legged Staircase

Dog-legged stairs: They are the stairs in which one goes up to a flight, moves at one-eight degrees, and after that goes upstairs in a different way (direction).

Download excel sheet for RCC Dog-legged Staircase