Daily work report

Daily work report is a distinct area of work that helps in handling a project. Daily work report, requires systematic planning and careful implementation. It is the duty of the project manager to apply his knowledge, skill, technique and tools for optimum use of time and labour.

Why is daily work reporting important?

Daily reporting makes work easier for two big reasons. First of all, it makes sure that we don't have to forget the most important things. Considering how many distractions we face each day, it's easy to loose track and focus on the petty stuff: small crises that actually don't matter that much in the long run. Secondly, it help us to see when we are stuck with something. If we are not able to mark some item in our list done for a longer period of time, we probably need help with that.

Work performance

There are four major dimensions that define the work performance using day to day work report:

  1. Reviewing progress
    • Monitoring cost and time
  2. Monitoring the quality of work done
  3. Managing changes

Daily work report is directly equivalent to the work performance. Any person who is self employed or performing as an employee in a company, it is required to maintain day-to-day work reports as well as generate them on daily basis to organize records concerning all the works executed by him throughout working hours. So it is evident that any change in any one of the performance dimensions would affect the other.

For example, if reviewing progress is not mentioned in daily reporting then how will one know the status of work and how much time will be required to complete the task. Successful completion of work requires accomplishment of specified reporting within scheduled time and budget. So, daily work reporting can be split in two parts;

  1. Setting specific goles for a day- the supervisor, manager or employer must decide in advance what are the key things he needs to accomplish. There's no point in writing every small thing (like making coffee) down.
  2. Seeing the work given is done - every night the manager should check the things he have done and to see how many planned tasked he have succeeded in. If he manage to get the perfect

score, he can be very satisfied with himself. If, however, a lot of tasks remain undone, he needs to either set more manageable goals or ask for help.

Below shows the daily work reporting template

Daily  work report

Now a days , there are many applications in the market to make a personal status reporting. We can also use pen and paper for making report. Either way, it's important to stick to it every day of the week so it is a positive routine day.