How to Get Started with Blue Book In Construction Industry

The Contractors Blue Book which is popularly known as Blue Book Network. It is primarily a marketing, workflow software and print media company. The content of the hard bound book was transitioned online and referred to as the blue book network. It mainly consist of important information on architects, general contractors, bidders, engineers and real estate management firms.

History of Blue Book

The Blue Book Originated when Joseph O'Malley, president of The Society of the Allied Building Trades, it published its first edition subcontractor's registry for New York City in 1913. In 1942 it published an exclusive list for the Allied Building Trades of Sub-Contractors, Material Dealers & Manufacturers, General Contractors & Builders, Architects - Engineers.
Over time blue book spread its wing to the west coast by 1992,and (the hard cover edition) was permanently retired in 2016. It was subsequently replaced by a series of bi-annual regional magazines called The Who's Who in Building & Construction.

In the Year 1999 the organization concentrated into bid messaging and private project reporting. It's a secure online plan room providing full reporting called BB-Bid was released at no cost to general contractors and property/facility managers.

Blue Book - A new gateway to Project Information

The Blue Book Network has become the new gateway to Construction Project Information and also for architects and engineers who are searching for their dream projects. It also serves ample information about local civil project opportunities. The Blue Book network also committed to providing with best in class information resources and digital solutions.

It's a proud moment for Blue Book network as in today's time it provides critical connections to over 800,000 companies across more than 220,000 active projects annually along with the analytics required to leverage that activity. As they launched their ingenious search technology which is creating a rave in the net world, it helps it's users to find companies projects and the real people behind those projects.
The Blue Book Network continues to advance its 107-year-old mission of bringing buyers and sellers together through information.

Blue Book establishes a strategic alliance with the Regional Hispanic Contractors Association

Recently Blue Book the largest and most active network in the commercial construction industry, partnered with Regional Hispanic Contractors Association.

This new alliance has glorified the missions of both organizations by supporting the growth of the construction industry.? Contractors and Subcontractors all around the world will now have online access to pre-bid meetings, networking events, special promotions, and discounts.

Getting started With Blue Book

When you click on the Home Page of Blue book, you will find Register , once you are in the register page ,you will find? there are lot of subdivisions like Blue book .com, and In the blue book .com one can find the companies which they are interested in is all about creating relationships in Business world.

You can have a direct access to private and public projects. You can also review the delta plan of the construction project and analyze the technical specifications of the project. Civil Engineering people who are interested in bidding can also take the help of is all about interesting personalities across the globe dealing with unique dream projects. With the help of this site one can get connected with more than a million commercial construction professionals.


Basically Blue was incorporated to enable construction professionals find a specific product , share project documents. It is committed to provide information solutions and connections to streamline construction process. However within these years they have enabled the construction industry to connect , collaborate? and grow by building profitable relationships all around the globe.

How to Get Started with Blue Book In Construction Industry